1. OT3 list I made a while ago.

    As I am a big old Lestrade fan, all the stories are very appreciative of him. As are John and Sherlock. ;-)

    (Submitted by frytha. Thank you so much!)


  2. For those who are interested:

    detectivegregorylestrade has submitted a couple of John/Lestrade RPs, for those who might want to read them:

    RP #1

    Submission notes: This is an on going rp between my friend Sara and I. We’ve spent a load if time on it. Granted the plot isn’t seem less but rp plots are hard to stick to. There is mature content.

    RP #2

    Submission notes: None


  3. Fic Reccing: Elfbert’s “Can’t Start a Fire Without A Spark,” Emungere’s “Ain’t Seen the Sunshine,” and Sidney Sussex’s “Lists" because they made me fall head over heels in love with John/Lestrade.

    submitted by esendoran


  4. John/Lestrade Fanfiction Rec

    "Ain’t Seen the Sunshine" series

    Author: emungere

    Rating: Teen to Explicit

    Series Summary: John is Sherlock and Mycroft’s nanny. Eventual John/Lestrade.

    Rec Submitted by: esendoran


  5. John/Lestrade Fanfiction Rec

    "Sixth Time’s the Charm"

    Author: avalon_joan

    Rating: PG

    Author’s Summary: The five times John took care of Lestrade, and the one time it was the other way around.

    Submitted by: avalon_joan


  6. John/Lestrade Fanfiction Rec

    "Two Halves Make a Whole"

    Author: avalon-joan

    Rating: PG-13

    Author’s Summary: With Sherlock gone, everyone’s broken.

    Warnings: Drugs, Allusions to Sex, Spoilers for “Reichenbach”

    Submitted by: avalon-joan


  7. Fanfiction Rec


    Of Two Detectives and a Doctor

    Author: avalon-joan

    Pairing: Sherlock/Lestrade/John

    Rating: PG

    Summary: With Sherlock ill, Lestrade looks after him, until he needs looking after himself.


  9. Watson/Lestrade Fanfiction Rec.

    Title: Loyalty.
    Author: HolmesianDeduction.
    Verse: Victorian era or Granada-verse.
    Rating: PG
    Characters/pairing: John Watson/Lestrade.
    Summary: In the years following Reichenbach, Watson realises that Lestrade offers more than just police assistance, and Lestrade struggles to understand what it is about Holmes that makes Watson willing to give up almost everything.
    Author’s notes: A short drabble from a lyric shuffle meme.  Requested by Darkest-Alchemy.

    Admin notes: Our first non-BBC-‘verse story!  A brief, restrained study of John’s and Lestrade’s interactions, both with respect to Sherlock Holmes and just between the two of them.  Friendship and something more, this is simply perfect for the time and for the situation.


  10. Fanfic Rec

    Title: Coffee Break

    Characters/Pairing: DI Lestrade/John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Sergeant Donovan
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: One instance of language
    Word Count: 455
    Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
    Summary: Sherlock and Donovan stumble across an unexpected sight.
    Author’s Notes: Yet another pesky plot bunny I needed to write out of my head. Also, a failed attempt at a “221b”-style fic. They just didn’t want to stop making out.

    Admin notes: Submitted by withgoldenfire and coincidentally written by my lovely co-admin.  A fantastic (and very hot) sneak peek at John and Lestrade’s relationship (well, all right, their snogging, as it were) through some very surprised eyes.  The perfect story for a workday break and it’ll leave you wanting more…