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    #Silver Fox Saturday

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    “I believed in Sherlock Holmes…

    I know I’m not alone!

    …And he was a good man to the end.”

    After the Fall ~ Lestrade’s Testimony & John’s Anger at the Enquiry


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    Yay! I really liked Darcy Lestrade’s character last time ^.^ Perhaps something along those lines again? I’m not particularly fussy (because you’re an awesome writer, seriously.) Or a fluffy teen!Johnstrade. Ahhh YOU PICK, PLEASE :D

    {I’m doing both, so here’s the teen Johnstrade you asked for love!}


    “What the fuck are you doing?!”

    It had been a stupid dare.
    Honestly, they’d been playing that idiotic game for hours and the Devil makes work for idle hands. Or mouths, in their case, as John had suggested Greg strip off, run through the small corridor, away from the small cafe they were in, and jump head first into the pond outside.

    Never in a million years did he expect him to actually do it.

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    This amazing girl -once again- wrote a short little Johnstrade for me. Thank you, darling, I love it!



  4. Therapeutic


    John/Lestrade, with one of them stuck at a conference and the other sneakily visiting him for a quick and dirty shag. Top!Lestrade.

    Edit: on AO3 renamed Congress

    read it here. fic by 

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    parent!John and parent!Lestrade, overprotective parents perhaps? A ‘bringing my first boyfriend home to meet my two bamf dads’ situation?
    {Gif belongs to littlemuffin-gifshunt.}


    “Ye cannae expect me tae spend th’ weekend at your place.”

    “Why not?” Darcy rolled over on the sofa and let her chin rest on her folded arms, one eyebrow raised at Ashton across the room. He crossed his arms across his chest and returned the look, “Come on, Ash, please? Likeliest scenario, they won’t even be home. Better than spending another weekend cooped up here, playing drunk chess at three in the morning and grabbing shit coffee from the campus cafe at half-twelve when we wake up.”

    “Hey, here’s an imaginative idea: Ye could actually study thes weekend.”

    She wasn’t having any of that. Darcy got up from the sofa and curled her arms around Ashton’s waist, burying her face in his jumper. She heard a sigh from above her before arms were circling her shoulders, large hands stroking down her back to rest on her hips.

    “Pretty please?”

    Ashton looked down at where Darcy’s chin was leaning on his chest, her big, brown eyes peeking out from the flop of her fringe. She had been working the doe-eyed look on him the entire time he’d known her, and the cheeky cow knew exactly how powerless he was against it. She’d used it to get him to ‘help her’ complete a paper before, or to get him to buy her coffee or dinner, before they were together.

    “You an’ yer bloody Bambi eyes ur gonnae be th’ death a’me, Darcy Lestrade.”

    Darcy giggled and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him quickly before darting off to the sofa again. “Mm, I love you too baby.” Ashton could only look blankly at his girlfriend as she winked at him, shaking his head as he left her room for class.


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    The brilliant searchingforpeter filled this prompt for me! I was very chuffed. I bloody love daddies!Johnstrade. 
    Seriously though, give it a read. The boys are BAMFS as usual, and it’s an all round fluff-fest for me. 

    - Claire

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    Greg stretching out John’s poor jumpers beyond repair for wastingyourgum

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    Harrison makes a small mistake in following Uncle Sherlock’s footsteps.

    Author: NuttersandAcorn
    Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
    Relationship: John Watson/Greg Lestrade
    Length: 515 words
    Warnings: None

    Notes: Day 6 of the Winter Challenge. Wee, parentlock!

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    here we’re waiting

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    cause why the hell not

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    Yay! We have some new John/Lestrade fic that’s actually John/Lestrade! Woot!

    “I’ve Been Chasing Grace” by imachar